Shakespeare: Leadership


  • Coriolanus                Nov 5
  • Julius Caesar            Nov 6
  • Richard II                  Nov 7
  • Henry IV, Part I       Nov 8
  • Henry V                     Nov 9

What makes a leader? Get beyond trivial management quotations. Read these five plays as a group and appreciate the subtlety of Shakespeare’s understanding. Five leaders with all their abilities and flaws come to life as they struggle with adversity, plotting and menace. It will keep us talking over dinner as we consider whether these tales of kingship have continuing relevance in our modern world.

  • 5 great walks
  • 5 great meals
  • 5 days of reading and discussion (this can go late if you are up for it!)
  • a free pack of material to accompany the orientations to the readings

There are five walks through the hills of Asturias, which will add an extra dimension to the readings.  Our top-class lunches use the best of local produce, with vegetables from our own organic gardens.

You can stay in one of our houses if you would like to. There are other options nearby. Just ask.

12-18 February, 2017.                                                              Maximum capacity: 12I


Henry V
                 Henry V
  • Five full days from 10 am to 5 pm, with no limit on after-hours conversations
  • Readings with an introduction and supplementary pack
  • Drinks, refreshments and snacks all through the day
  • Lunch offering tastes of typical dishes and products of Asturias
  • One free morning; on this day we include dinner instead of lunch
  • Walks through the beautiful countryside

70€ per day   (€57.85 +  €12.15 VAT)


I am Jason, the coordinator, and I will be delighted to answer your questions.

Send an email to

If you are on a budget or are organizing a youth group, get in touch: we can sort something out.

Look for accommodations here:



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