English for Spanish

Edward Albee
Edward Albee

Five one act plays in five days:

  • The Frosted Glass Coffin- Tennesse Williams
  • The Dumb Waiter- Harold Pinter
  • Endgame- Samuel Beckett
  • The Sandbox- Edward Albee
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Meet King Lear- Tom Stoppard

You are smart.  You are educated.  You are also fed up with reading textbooks in your English classes.  This is something else: it is a five day course that respects your intelligence and your education, with focused help for you to improve those things that all other classes miss- fluency, expression and coherence.

These plays are in the original versions. By reading them you will make a dramatic improvement in your fluency and expression when you speak English. You will get one-to-one detailed feedback and fluency coaching. The readings are continuous. We do not stop to discuss words and themes. This is not school. If you want to read the plays before you come, you will be better prepared.

Native speakers can also sign up just for the joy of the readings and the conversation. The whole course is in English.

There are five optional walks along the country lanes around Villandás. They are easy walks which will give us the opportunity to practice conversational English. We will have lively conversations over lunches with top class Asturian fare. Come with an appetite!

Course Outline

Date: 19 November 2017. Maximum: 12.

  • Course starts at 10 am and finishes at 5 pm. It includes:
  • Drinks, refreshments and snacks
  • A light lunch offering tasters of some of the typical dishes and products of Asturias
  • Readings with an introduction and one-to-one help
  • Walks

One free morning; on this day we include dinner instead of lunch. We will offer dining options when you make your reservation.

You can stay in one of our houses if you would like to. There are other options nearby.


I am Jason, the course co-ordinator, and I will be delighted to answer your questions.

  • You can send an email to currman@gmail.com
  • If you are on a budget or are organizing a youth group, get in touch: we can sort something out.

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