Come and relax into the natural environment: enjoy the walking, enjoy the food and conversation and enjoy the readings.  There are no hidden extras.

The price includes:img_5962

  • 5 great walks
  • 5 great meals
  • 5 days of reading
  • Introductory talks
  • conversation that can go on into the evening if you want it to.

The overall cost is 350€ per person, including VAT

You can reserve one of Carmen’s properties here, VillandasRural, or I can give you advice about where to stay in the area.

If you are on a budget, or are organising a youth group and would like to discuss more economical ways of doing this, get in touch!

Sign up by filling in the application form and send it back to me.

Shakespeare in the Mountains application form

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Read about the Cancellations and Refunds policy here:

Cancellations and refunds