20170107_125814Villandás is a small village.  In the winter there are less than twenty inhabitants and many of them come up  from Grado, 18 km away, to look after their cattle.  The town is twenty-five minutes in the car down winding country lanes where the oak and the chestnut trees branch out overhead and the Río Vega burbles noisily alongside.  It is forty-five minutes by bike and three and a half hours walking.

In the village there is a unique silence.  Aside from the cowbells and the occasional tractor passing, the quiet is profound.  The clean air allows you to stand up, breathe deep and head off walking.  Once the quiet has settled into you it does not feel absurd to walk into town… or spend five days reading the books that you have often promised yourself you would.  It gives you an appetite to live well, to eat well and think deeply.

We have been sharing our house with visitors for all of the eight years I have lived in Spain.  And I have wanted to bring serious readers to this special place for a long time.  This project allows me to put into action the simple idea of combining food, landscape and literature: eat, walk, read.

Carmen’s house includes three buildings around a patio.  You can look at the spaces on her website.  You can see the reviews for her house on TripAdvisor here.  Together we have been turning the fields around her house into gardens.  She has also restored a barn as another lodging.

There are four different accommodations nearby.  There are also possibilities for people who do not want to spend so much on accommodation- there is a Youth Hostel in Meruxa, for example:

  • the rental house Pison de Fondon has space for four with a shared bathroom and its own kitchen and lounge.
  • the second house, Magnolia, has space for two with a supplementary bed, if necessary.
  • there are apartments at a distance of 3km at Puente Seaza: Ca Pachín.
  • and, if you really prefer a hotel, there are hotels available in  Belmonte.  Belmonte is 15 minutes by car from Villandás.

You can see the practical details about the pricing on the page, How to Sign Up and What’s Included.