We live in Villandás in the central part of Asturias.  The house is in a mountain valley at an altitude of about 400 metres.  To the south the mountains continue rising to form the Sierra Cantábrica that separates the coast from the high tableland, the meseta, of Castilla-León.

There was a network of Roman roads that connected León with the coast and one of them passes close by the house: the Camín Real de la Mesa.  The Romans laid their roads across the hilltops to avoid the winding valleys, giving stunning views of the limestone landscape, carved into dramatic valleys and with soaring peaks in the distance.  Walking through this landscape gives you a feeling of connection with the deep past.


The clean air and the silence of the Asturian mountain scenery refreshes mind and body.  Walking is a part of the triad, Eat, Walk, Read.  Just as you do not have to be an expert or an actor to engage in the readings, you do not have to be a professional hiker to take part in the walks.  They are accessible to adults of all ages and levels of fitness.

Jason has worked for years as a guide on the Camino de Santiago.  He is well used to hiking with groups of mixed ability and attending to their needs and anxieties.