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Jason was the English teacher, the Art teacher and the Curriculum Manager at Summerhill School, England, where he worked for six years. He met Carmen, whose two children were at Summerhill, and they moved to Spain together in 2006.

Carmen’s father grew up in a village near to Villandás and she bought the property there with her husband, Lorenzo.  Now it belongs to her and her two children, Nicolás and Ester, who are both growing up and becoming independent, although they still love the village.

Jason graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1990 with an MA in Fine Art, a course of study that combined practical work and academic study. The balance of head and hand, structure and formality, study and play is important in all aspects of his life.

In 1994 he won a scholarship from the University of Bristol to do a PhD on the artist, poet and teacher Francisco Pacheco, who was the master of Velázquez and Cano. Spain is the country of the painter-poet. Nowaa3 that he lives and works here, Jason is coming to see that the north is the area of Spain that has maintained that tradition most clearly into the present. It is has opened up a whole new area of research.

In Villandás Carmen is turning fields into gardens and encouraging people to come and enjoy the mountains, as guests in her rental cottage and as organic farm volunteers in her gardens. Jason, meanwhile, translates poetry, writes about education, paints in the woods, works as a guide on the Camino de Santiago, grows his own vegetables, gives talks to teachers and helps people with their educational projects- so long as they have that balance of head, hand and heart.

You can see some of his other work here:

Translations of poetry


Work in education

Work as a guide

The house in the village

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