Reading For Fluency: English for Spanish

english-for-spanish-mlkEnglish for Spanish at Shakespeare in the Mountains is for intelligent people who are fed up with text-books:  Libros de Texto; Detesto los Libros.  Text books give you castrated texts.  There is an unwritten assumption in the text-book: that learning is methodical, purposeful and can be planned out in curriculum units.  Systematic study pays off for sure but if you can get in touch with what drives a language your motivation will increase, your expression will improve, your desire to continue will blossom.  Instead of learning by drips you will have a gushing torrent.

That is why I use real texts.  That is why I do not use text-books.

That is why I tell people, “Don’t come just to improve your English.  Come because you are an intelligent person interested in getting deeply into the language.  I’m not going to help you write your business letters, even though you will read, speak and write better after the event.”

There are many studies that show the benefits of reading aloud.  Most of us have terrible memories of the slow and painful reading out loud experiences at primary school.  I have taught in secondary schools and seen adolescents shrink into their seats with embarrassment at the idea of reading aloud because of what they suffered in primary school.  I have teased them out to get a better performance of reading.  And it has been worth it!  Reading aloud brings a lot of unexpected benefits.

It will raise your confidence at all levels.  It will increase your fluency.  It will deepen your appreciation of language.

If you don’t believe me, I have found some young men to convince you.  Listen to what they say.

Watch this short video to convince yourself that reading aloud will help you with fluency:

This would be good enough on its own, but look at the following video and you will see that it can have much more benefits than that:

For many people reading aloud is an issue, but you can get over it.  Try reading a book aloud at home and then sign up for my course.  You will make leaps and bounds of progress.

  • You will gain confidence
  • You will gain fluency
  • You will gain expression
  • You will attain a mastery that is new to you.

English for Spanish

Get Better.  Sign Up.


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