Reading Aloud: English for Spanish

Reading aloud is good for everyone.  It helps you to develop expression in your spoken voice, it helps you to modulate your tone and give more variety to your speech.

When you study English at school, university or the academy you are rarely asked to do more than read with the same dull voice that accompanies all class work the world over.  Shakespeare in the Mountains is different.  Don’t panic- we don’t read Shakespeare!  But we do read quality literature by great authors that you have time to prepare in advance.  With me:

  • You have to read with expression
  • You have to give the full range of emotion to your reading
  • Your pronunciation and fluency is challenged constantly
  • You are not allowed to fall back on the same old lazy errors you have always made
Martin Luther King did not become a great orator by reading textbooks!

This all sounds harsh and aggressive, but think of this:

  • I respect you as an intelligent adult
  • I don’t think you have to read simplified texts because you are learning the language
  • I want to have a serious conversation with you
  • I want to hear what you think

If you are happy with the day-to-day, this will not be interesting to you.  If you want to make a gear change in your ability to express yourself with fluidity and confident expression in English… then write me an email.  Do it today.  There is only one of these courses this year and I will decide on who is going to be attending soon.  There are not going to be any more dates once this one is filled.

Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace!

Look at the English for Spanish event in Villandás



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