And Now For Something Completely Different: Monty in the Monte

flying circus
Just the Words… and maybe some expression!

This five day group is for Python fans of all ages and abilities.  You do not have to be a native English speaker to take part in the readings.  They may even give you confidence in your pronunciation and expression as you read from the scripts!

We are going to have fun with selected parts from the original scripts of the Television Series, the original And Now For Something Completely Different film,  The Holy Grail, The Meaning of Life and The Life of Brian.

Fun readings, good food and some silly walks for Python fans of all ages and abilities. We are not expecting the Spanish Inquisition.

Have you ever felt the yearning to say “Ni”?  Do you like to follow your dinner with a wafer thin mint?  Could you live with the name Biggus Dickus?  We´ll gather around the barbie, have a beer and sing the Bruces’ philosphers’ song.  We will look on the bright side of life and everyone will be an individual.

This is a fun springtime event.  Sign up if you want to relax in a congenial environment with like-minded people, enjoying good conversation, good food and a touch of silliness.

With respect to Emmanuel who suggested the idea.  He is French and did not fart in my general direction!  You do not have to be a native English-speaker to take part.

There are walks through the hills and villages of Asturias and plenty of time and space to relax.  The top-class cuisine will include such traditional fare as oven-baked pork and fresh vegetables from the garden. We won’t be eating much spam, because the food is rather good.

Cost: €650 per person

Includes transport to the village, and all meals, including dinner on arrival and breakfast on the day of departure.



For more information contact: Jason []


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