Fabada Asturiana

Fabada is the classic ASturian dish.  It is made from white beans that are highly prized in the area  They can cost more per kilo than steak!  In Villandás they say that fabas do not grow well, but we are fortunate enough to have a neighbour who grows the beans in the next valley.

There is really little you need to do to cook the beans when they are good quality.  It is typical to add a thick chunk of panceta or bacon, morcilla or black sausage and chorizo.  The fact that you are adding these ingredients means that you need add no salt.

If you want to make vegetarian beans you can do so without these ingredients and adding a refrito of pimentón, to give that typical taste.  Pimentón is roasted dried red pepper and there are two types: spicy and “sweet”.  You can choose which one you want to add.

Fabada is a filling meal.  There is nothing better after a good fabada than to go for a walk or sit down with some friends and read.  That is what we do here in Villandás.

If you are interested in trying out fabada at home, here is a recipe.  If you want to try it in Spain sign up for one of the Shakespeare courses on these pages.  We would be pleased to see you!




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