The Shakespeare Blog

imageI’ve been looking at different reading groups to see what I should provide for the Shakespeare in the Mountains reading group.  This is an entertaining blog that deals with that issue: the Shakespeare Blog

Putting a girdle round about the globe: Shakespeare clubs and societies

Here we read that the essentials are fairly clear: an unlimited supply of cookies and coffee.  I am going to put out a different Asturian pastry every day for the break.  I’ve been living in Asturias for eight years and I think I have tried most of them from casadielles, which are filled with a nut paste, to carajitos, which are made with hazelnuts, egg-white and sugar.

If you can handle cookies and coffee as well they will be freely available.

Here is a link to some resources on Asturian food to start you thinking about what you will enjoy:

Asturias food although I wouldn’t dream of taking you to TierrAstur, which is strictly for the guiris.

And here is Guardian food writer Paul Richardson extolling the virtues of the region.


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