Shakespeare… in the Mountains

Shakespeare is not the same when you read him out of the classroom.  The simple idea of Shakespeare in the Mountains is to read Shakespeare plays as a group.

Not a Class

This is not a course or a class.  There are three strands-   Shakespeare and Love, Shakespeare and Leadership and Shakespeare’s Mythological Worlds.  Each reading group reads five plays in five days and the connections come out of the reading.  You need to be able to read, but you do not need to be an expert or an actor.


Eating well is an important part of thinking well.  We use organic vegetables from our own garden when possible and the best of local ingredients.  Asturias is famous for the quality of its cuisine and we shall sample many of the local dishes, including the cider, the cheeses and the  fabada, or bean stew.



Every day I will take you walking through the mountains.  Reading and walking in this setting makes sense.  Apart from the noise and distraction of everyday life our breathing deepens, our fellowship with other readers deepens and our perceptions deepen.



We sit together in our long reading room with views out over the mountains.  Invigorated by walking, refreshed by good food and wine, we read.  Over the course of five days we read five works and let the connections speak for themselves.  And, afterweards, in the gentle after dinner conversation that is typical in Spain we may even discuss our perceptions and thoughts.

This year Shakespeare in the Mountains.

Next year Greek Tragedy in the Mountains.

And look out for Painting in the Mountains, Cooking in the Mountains and Garden in the Mountains all in Villandás.



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